PAYTECH Magazine Expands AP Content

The publication benefits you experienced as a member of the American Accounts Payable Association are not ending with this final issue of AP Journal Online. In fact, they will be greatly expanding.

We have expanded AP content in every issue of PAYTECH magazine, to include two AP-focused articles in every issue. You will also receive PAYTECH-Digital, PAYTECH's digital version, as well as PAYTECHonline, APA's monthly e-magazine.

In January, your AAPA membership will move under the umbrella of the American Payroll Association. As a member of the APA, you will join a much larger network of professionals whose expertise encompasses accounts payable, payroll, and more.

If you have any questions about your newly expanded membership benefits, please contact Membership Services.

We look forward to your continued participation.



SPECIAL REPORT: Proposed IWO for Support 2014 Requirements

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 required the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop a standard Income Withholding Order (IWO) for Support. Every three years the income withholding order is updated. The proposed changes to the instructions which would be effective in 2014 target those who pay independent contractors – Accounts Payable. more››


Auto Corp. Streamlines Its Way to a Prism Award

TAs with so many companies across the nation, the recession hit hard at JM Family Enterprises, a diversified automotive corporation. The AP department had to transition from a “luxury-sized vehicle filled to capacity” to a “fuel-efficient compact,” as Joan Stramaglia, Accounts Payable Manager, put it. However, that successful transition led to JM Family Enterprises receiving the AAPA’s 2013 AP Best Practices Prism Award. more››

AP Professional Spotlight:
Cynthia Gann, CPP

The AP Professional Spotlight is a regularly occurring feature, where AP professionals share insight on their career paths, best practices, and personal observations on the balance between work, family, and outside interests.

We were pleased to catch up with Cynthia Gann, CPP, Finance Administrator for the National Railway Labor Conference, and have her share her thoughts with her AAPA colleagues. more››

Immigration Issues and AP: The Reach of the Law

Although it is common for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to assume that their income is beyond the reach of U.S. tax law after they have left the United States, their obligation to pay U.S. income tax ends only if formal processes are undertaken by the individual and adjudicated by the U.S. government. more››

VCU Medical Center Implements a Healthy Supplier-Recovery Process for AP

As one of the nation's premier academic medical centers, the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center processes about 280,000 invoices for more than 800,000 line items. As a result, there are many vendor credits owed to them. The challenge for their Accounts Payable department, located within the Purchasing department, is to identify the hundreds of thousands of dollars these credits represent annually. more››

Immigration Issues: The “Honorarium Rule” and Tax Residency Status

The honorarium rule is not available for use by all payer entities—and it is not applicable to all foreign national payees. The provision, often called the "9-5-6 rule," is an exception to the rule that otherwise prohibits nonimmigrants from working in the United States, such as aliens entering the United States under a temporary visitor classification. more››

Michele Takes 2013 Top AP Honors

Donna Michele, CPP, PAHM, was honored as the 2013 AP Professional of the Year on May 8 during the AP General Session at the 31st Annual Congress held in Grapevine, Texas. “I am grateful and honored to receive this award,” she said. “I love AP.” more››

Puckett Receives Education Grant

With “gratified surprise,” Donna Puckett received the 2013 Accounts Payable Education Grant on May 8 during the AP General Session at this year’s 31st Annual Congress held in Grapevine, Texas. more››

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